Ceremonies Guides and Resources

To ensure that Scouts and Scouters who may be going through various Order of the Arrow ceremonies in the future do not have their experience lessened or spoiled, some of the material on this web site is protected.

Tatanka Lodge By-Laws & Handbook Information:

  • Tatanka Lodge By-Laws
  • Tatanka Lodge Digital Handbook
  • Tatanka Lodge Handbook (full version)
  • Tatanka Lodge Handbook Pamphlet (condensed version)

Tatanka Lodge Dues Registration Options:

  • 2019 OA Dues Payable Online
  • OA members paying their 2019 dues through their unit should contact their unit’s OA Troop Representative or Troop Representative Adviser for information.
  • OA Dues Renewal Packets and Instructions will be available from the Chapter Chief and/or Adviser at the December Roundtable/Chapter Meeting. If your unit does not receive a renewal packet please contact your Chapter Chief or Chapter Adviser.  If you need a replacement Dues Renewal Packet, contact Nathan Kramer.

Tatanka Lodge Unit Election Information:

  • Scheduling an OA Unit Election
  • Youth Candidate Election Form
  • Adult Candidate Nomination Form

Tatanka Lodge Volunteer Manuals:

  • Troop Representative (OATR) Handbook
  • Runner Manual
  • Elangomat Manual
  • Nimat Manual

Tatanka Lodge Officer Position Descriptions & Organizational Chart:

  • Lodge Chief
  • Vice-Chief of Communications
  • Vice-Chief of Program
  • Vice-Chief of Training
  • Vice-Chief of Membership
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Organizational Chart

Tatanka Lodge Committee Position Descriptions:

  • Alumni Relations Chair
  • American Indian Activities Chair
  • Brotherhood Conversion Chair
  • Brotherhood Training Chair
  • Ceremonies Chair
  • Chapel Chair
  • Chapter Chief
  • Conclave Chair
  • Cub Scout Connections Chair
  • Dance Team Chair
  • Dining Hall Chair
  • Elangomat Chair
  • Emergency Preparedness Support Staff (EPSS) Chair
  • Event Registration Chair
  • Fall Fellowship Chair
  • Founder’s Award Chair
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Historian Chair
  • Induction Service Projects Chair
  • Logistics Chair
  • Marketing Chair
  • Member Registration Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Newsletter Chair
  • Nimat Chair
  • NLS / NLATS Chair
  • NOAC Chair
  • OA Camp Coordinator Chair
  • OA High Adventure Chair
  • OATR Chair
  • Ordeal Training Chair
  • Parking Chair
  • Runner Chair
  • Social Media Chair
  • Trading Post Chair
  • Training Chair
  • Unit Elections Chair
  • Vigil Chair
  • Banquet Chair

Tatanka Lodge Award Nomination Information:

  • Vigil Honor Recommendation Form
  • OA Founders Award Recommendation Form

OA National High Adventure Information:

OA National Guidebook Publications:

  • Order of the Arrow Handbook — Revised 2018.  Available for purchase at the Scout Shop or Naish Trading Post.
  • Guide for Officers and Advisers — Revised 2018.  This book provides support for lodge and chapter leaders. It reflects the current policies concerning the organization and administration of the Order of the Arrow Lodge.
  • Chapter Operations Guide — Revised 2012.  The Chapter Operations Guide will help your Chapter reach its full potential and deliver a quality program to your members.
  • Field Operations Guide — Revised 2018.  This guide provides details on OA National and Regional Organization, Section Rules, Lodge Assistance Program, and Section Conclave Guidelines.
  • Guide to Inductions — Revised 2017.  This guide brings together all aspects of the induction process and provides a suggested structure for the inductions committee to follow.  It provides the current policies and is filled with information about the inductions process from the Unit Election, to Call-Out, through the Ordeal, and on to Brotherhood.  Note: Both versions of this document are password protected by the national Order of the Arrow committee using the Ordeal and Brotherhood Safeguards.
  • Journey to Excellence Guide — Revised 2016.  The Journey to Excellence guide will assist Lodges in understanding the Journey to Excellence program and how best to develop program plans to achieve the goals.
  • Lodge Finance Manual — Revised 2008.  The Lodge Finance Manual provides ideas and guidelines for budget building and control, the jobs of lodge members related to lodge finances, financial recordkeeping, inventory control, financial reports, and money-earning projects.

Other Resources: