Get Involved

I’ve done my Ordeal, now what?

Like most things, what you get out of your OA membership depends on what you put into it. With the understanding that we put our families and school/job first, great satisfaction can come from investing some time into OA service.

For starters, learn about the legend of the Lenni Lenape tribe. This was explained during your Ordeal, and can be found in your OA Handbook. Understand how our guiding principles are distilled from that story, and how those filter into the ceremonies we perform.

Next, attend all your Chapter Meetings, where the OA program really happens. These are the foundation of your involvement. Attend Lodge Events as well! We are a tight-knit group and are eager to welcome newcomers. Get a few of your troop or team members to attend with you. These experiences are best when shared!

Seek out the Committee Chairmen or Advisers whose responsibilities may include your skill set. Sometimes it’s easiest to start with what you already know.

Ask questions at Chapter and Lodge events. You will soon be able to start pouring yourself into the youth and adults around you and you will continue to grow in brotherhood, fellowship and friendship.