Unit Elections

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Unit Elections for the Tatanka Lodge are held by each Chapter usually starting in the spring. Youth volunteers are asked to be on the Election Team with adults.  The team then contacts the Scout Master of each Troop and asks for a list of eligible candidates.  Together they set a date they can visit, help conduct the election, provide information concerning the OA, and answer any questions.


(per national guidelines)

The definitive rules and procedures for unit elections are contained in the Guide for Officers and Advisers pages 20-23. In case of any conflict or ambiguity between items contained in the Guide to Inductions or the Guide to Unit Elections and items in the Guide for Officers and Advisers, always refer to the Guide for Officers and Advisers as the definitive document.

In Boy Scout troops and Varsity Scout teams, every registered active member of the unit under age 21 at the time of election is eligible to vote in an Order of the Arrow unit election; this includes assistant Scoutmasters and assistant Varsity Scout Coaches who are 18, 19 or 20 years old.

A Boy Scout or Varsity Scout who carries a current national membership card and participates in at least some unit activities during the year is considered to be a registered active member of the unit. For example, an assistant scoutmaster away at college who participates in some unit activities when home, such as campouts, camporees, or occasional unit meetings, should be considered a registered active member.

A youth who moves away or drops out of the unit because of other interests would not be counted in the registered active membership figure.

Elections are only to be held in troops and teams; elections are not to be held in Venturing crews or Cub Scout packs. Lodges are encouraged to complete all unit elections prior to their troops/teams going to summer camp. This ensures that the maximum number of troop/team members can be present to vote in the election. All elections must be conducted by the OA lodge of the council in which the troop or team is chartered. No unit may visit outside its council and hold an OA unit election under the auspices of the OA lodge of another council.

Call-outs should be conducted by the OA lodge of the council in which the troop or team is chartered. It is possible for a visiting troop or team to have their elected candidates called out at an out-of-council summer camp if the lodge serving the camp is willing to conduct the call-out. The unit leader must present a letter from the home lodge chief and lodge adviser requesting the call-out and identifying the members to be called out. A signed copy of the home lodge’s unit election report must accompany this request. Following the unit’s return, the home lodge chief and lodge adviser must receive confirmation of the callout.

Newly elected candidates for membership in the Order must complete the Ordeal and be inducted into the Order by the lodge that serves the council in which the unit is chartered. This allows the candidates to bond with their contemporaries as they go through the Ordeal and creates a positive leadership environment in which they can progress. Out-of-council Ordeals are not permitted except when religious custom and observance precludes attendance at the Ordeals of a Scout’s home lodge (e.g., Sabbathobservant Jewish Scouts). In this special case, the region Order of the Arrow chairman may be petitioned for an exception to permit the Scout to be inducted by another lodge.