The Beads of Tatanka Lodge

To replace missing beads for your coup, go to: Missing Beads.

The lodge has a coup system. The coup is a necklace that has two (plastic) eagle claws in the center and beads signifying the accomplishments of an Arrowman.   The claws are used to show an arrowman’s rank and the chapter he belongs to. Ordeal members  wear their claws pointing outward, brotherhood members turn their claws so that they face together, and Vigil members add a totem representative of their vigil name between their claws. The chapter color goes on the base of the claws. Brotherhood ranks such as Firebuilder, Runner, and Keeper of  the Sacred Bundle are represented by painting yellow, sky blue, and white (respectively) bands on  the tips of the claws. The bands are ¼ inch in width and are only added when that elevation has been achieved.  See the diagrams below.



Chapter colors are:
Chaparral – Sky Blue
Cibolo – Green
Comanche Trails – Orange with Silver Stripes
Lone Star – White

The beads are awarded by the lodge as follows:

(Visit with one of our Lodge Advisers for an updated beads list)

Black Round – Eagle Scout (Only one set per Eagle Scout Arrowman)
Black Flat – Tap-Out Team (Speaking Parts ONLY)
Blue Flat – Vigil Weekend
Blue Round – Lodge Secretary and Treasurer
Blue Square w/white stripe – Lodge Vice Chief
Blue Square – Lodge Officers
Brown Round – Annual Banquet
Brown Flat – Camp Staff
Clear Round – Elangomat
Gold Square – Founder’s Award
Green Square w/white stripe- Chapter Chief
Green Square – Chapter Officers
Green Round – Fellowship Weekend
Green Flat – Brotherhood Ceremonial Team (Speaking Parts ONLY)
Orange Square w/ white stripe – Chapter Assistant Adviser
Orange Square – Chapter Adviser
Orange Round – Committee Chairman
Orange Cylinder – Section Conclave
Orange Flat – Membership Recruitment (SINGLE)
Purple Cylinder w/ white stripe – Lodge Assistant Adviser
Purple Square – Lodge Assistant Advisor
Purple Square w/ white stripe – Lodge Adviser
Purple Flat – Pre-Ordeal Ceremonial Team (Speaking Parts ONLY)
Purple Round – Special Service (Only one set  per Arrowman)
Red Square – 5 Years in the Order of the Arrow (Trade 5 red rounds for set)
Red Flat – Taskmaster
Red Round – 1 Year in the Order of the Arrow
Red Cylinder – Ordeal Master
Tan Flat – Unit Election Team
Tan Round – Chapter Participation
Turquoise Turtle – Indian/Mountain Man Outfit
White Cylinder – Indian Dance Team
White Flat – Ordeal Ceremonial Team (Speaking Parts ONLY)
White Round – Annual Pow Wow
Wood Round – Member of an official delegation to National Order of the Arrow Event
Yellow Round – 1 Long Term Camp (Summer Camp / Winter Camp, one set per year)
Yellow Flat – Ceremonial Service
Yellow Square – 5 Long Terms Camps (Trade 5 yellow rounds for set)