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Order of the Arrow High Adventure (OAHA)

OA High Adventure (OAHA) is your chance to explore one of the BSA’s four national high adventure bases in an entirely new light! The OA offers five unique high adventure programs between Northern Tier, Philmont Scout Ranch, the Florida Sea Base and the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

In true OA fashion, treks include service given to the base or neighboring national parks, which makes the cost to attend remain low and affordable.

OAHA crews are made up of Arrowmen from various areas of the country, creating an experience that provides the ability to grow in brotherhood and make new friends while encouraging personal reflection and strides in personal development.

Arrowmen must be 16 years old by the time of their adventure, but not yet 21 by its conclusion, and meet certain physical requirements. For the OA Summit Experience, Arrowmen must be between the ages of 14 and 17.

For more information on OA High Adventure, click here, or find OAHA on Facebook.

NOAC 2018

About NOAC:

Indiana University will host NOAC 2018, and you can bet Tatanka Lodge will be there!

The 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is officially less than one year away. Approximately 8,000 Arrowmen will convene at Indiana University from July 30 – August 4, 2018, in Bloomington, IN to partake in fellowship, training and shows.

By attending the BSA’s second largest national event, you have many reasons to be excited! NOAC features an innumerable amount of activities, including dynamic trainings from compelling presenters, competitions in various lodge games and American Indian activities, lively evening shows with numerous special guests and performances, and so much more.

Registration for staff and lodge delegates opens on October 2, 2017! To stay updated with all things NOAC 2018 related, click here.



Section Conclave

The University of the Incarnate Word

Section Conclave (also known as the Lone Star Fellowship) is an annual event where nine lodges from Southern Region Section 3 (SR3) get together for fellowship, competitions, and lots of fun while celebrating the traditions of the Order of the Arrow. Scouts from all over south Texas have a blast participating in the numerous special events, games, over the top activities, fun, ceremony and dance competitions, awesome shows, LOTS of patch trading and so much more.

About the Section

The Tatanka Lodge is a part of Southern Region Section 3 (formerly SR2-3S). SR-3 is made up of nine lodges from across south Texas.

SR-3 LEAD Conference

This year the section has put together LEAD–lodge events and activities development. This training will be February 10-12, 2017 at Mays Family Scout Ranch in San Antonio, TX.  LEAD is a training experience like no other dealing with best practices from each lodge, taking your lodge’s program from good to great, and helping improve your lodge events.

The section leadership feels that, to better the experience, we are asking each lodge to bring 5 youth and 3 adults to LEAD. The youth members can be all officers or a change agent that you feel will take away the most from the weekend. The adult members can be lodge advisers or any up and coming advisors. We hope that the lodge chief and advisers can get communicating to gather a contingent together. A member of our section communications team will be in best contact with you to get a full contingent from your lodge.

The cost of LEAD will be:
$30 per person for lodges (youth and adults)
$25 per person for lodges (youth and adult) that brings a full contingent of 8 people (5 youth, 3 adults)

I hope you are as excited about this event as we are, so we can improve our lodge’s events and take them to a whole new level! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate and contact me at

Yours In Service,
AJ Valverde
Section SR-3 Secretary

2017 Project List

Our Spring Assembly (Ordeal Weekend) is coming up fast.  Detailed below is a tentative list of projects for BTSR:

2017 Critical Projects

  1. Alpine Latrine – Install Doors on stalls
  2. Alpine Latrine – Fix/Install toilets & urinals
  3. Campsites – Complete the Shelter Covers (Need Welders)
  4. Campsites – Electrical work for camper & staff
  5. Campsites – Replace broken boards on picnic tables
  6. Campsites – Paint picnic tables
  7. Campsites – Fix cover at Jim Adam Memorial
  8. Dining Hall – Cover repaired leak at entrance #2
  9. Green Trail – General Maintenance: loose rocks, trees, etc.
  10. Pool – Cleaning, Prep, and Filling
  11. Pool – Fix/Install toilets Bathhouse
  12. TTE – Set pipe and poles for fence
  13. WB Stow – Auto Closers for Doors
  14. Other – Fix Fence at Water Gap
  15. Other – Repair Swamp Coolers

2017 Other Projects

  1. Alpine Latrine – Remove scrap metal from area
  2. Amphitheater – Repair masonry work on fire pits
  3. Barn – General Maintenance: Roundup Horses & Cleanup
  4. Campsites – Construct bulletin boards
  5. Campsites – Remove fencing around tree in alpine
  6. Dining Hall – Broken Window
  7. Dirt Work – Heavy Equipment & Dump Truck
  8. Handicraft Hut – Paint exterior
  9. Maintenance Yard – Finish cleanup & clearing out junk
  10. Parade Grounds – Remove fence from tree
  11. Parade Grounds – Repair door at Well/Pump House
  12. Pool – External Lights
  13. Range – Cowboy Action install flag pole, construct hitching rail and finish mine entrance
  14. Range – External Lights
  15. Range – Complete handrail at shooting sports
  16. Range – Construct firing line for archery range
  17. TTE – Install Flag Poles
  18. UTV’s – Change Oil & Filters
  19. WB Stow – Railing on Wheel Chair Ramp
  20. WB Stow – Install insulation

Wachipi American Indian Seminar

June 6 – 10, 2017
Come join the Order of the Arrow for the Wachipi American Indian Seminar hosted at the beautiful Philmont Scout Ranch.

Wachipi is the Lakota word for dance, a gathering of people for fun and fellowship. That’s what Wachipi American Indian Seminar will be:  Arrowmen from around the country will gather to celebrate, honor and learn about the Order of the Arrow’s rich history and traditions of the American Indian.

Both dancers and ceremonialists–youth and adult, with any level of experience–are welcome to attend and broaden their knowledge. Arrowmen will be fully immersed in American Indian activities from around the country, focusing on the Plains Indians. An emphasis will be put on craft and improving ceremonial and dance attire. Attendance will be by individual registration rather than as lodge contingents. The cost is $285 per person to attend.

CAF AirSho – Sept 16-17, 2017

Save the Date! We were just informed that the 2017 CAF AirSho will be held on Sept 16-17.

Thank you again to everyone who made 2016 a success!

I would like to THANK each of you that helped at the Air Show on August 27-28, 2016. While we did not have the traffic as we did last year, we still had a successful show. Please pass the word to everyone that came, whether 1-4 hours or both days, that their help was greatly appreciated.

Please keep your calendar dates open for next year’s AirSho, tentatively on August 25-29, 2017. I will let you all know the exact dates as we get closer to the event.

If you see any of these individuals (listed below), please THANK them. If I missed anyone, I am sorry and would like to extend a big THANK YOU to you as well!

  • Teresa C. and her family on lending their 4 Wheelers.
  • Matthew O. for the use of his Trailer.
  • Lonnie Y. lending his Portable Generator for AC power and Money Counter.
  • Kelly for getting access to the Ready Building for AC power.
  • Matthew E. providing maps.
  • Barney B. bringing/taking back the Traffic cones.
  • Matt V. bringing Water Cans.
  • City of Odessa for lending the use of Traffic Cones.
  • Dominos for providing Pizza for lunch.

Your Brother in Scouting,

Robert Orona


The Unit, Chapter, and Lodge Support subcommittee of the National Order of the Arrow Committee is providing the first of several tools to our membership to better support local OA activity. Attached to this announcement is a link to 22 Quality Chapter ideas that the Committee anticipates will help chapters throughout the country. These ideas can assist everyone from the newest chapter chief to the most experienced adviser in providing their chapters with great meeting programs. Hopefully you find them useful to your chapters and lodges.

In addition we are looking for other ideas from you that we can use to expand this initial listing of Quality Chapter ideas. If you have an idea that has worked for your chapter and would like to share it, please send them to the team

To view the Quality Chapter Meeting Ideas you will need to use Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader please visit the Adobe Website.

Quality Chapter Meeting 1 – Unit Elections Preparation (82k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 2 – Brotherhood Conversion (74k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 3 – Brotherhood Bash (69k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 4 – Chapter Games Competition (63K)
Quality Chapter Meeting 5 – Dutch Oven Cooking (81k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 6 – Celebrate 100 (70k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 7 – Indian Craft Zone (86K)
Quality Chapter Meeting 8 – Rock Around The Clock (85k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 9 – Camp Promotions (86k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 10 – Boys in Blue – Cub Scouts (72k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 11 – Tool Talk (68k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 12 – New Member Orientation (70k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 13 – Dive In Movie (66k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 14 – Leave No Trace (66k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 15 – Birds of Prey Demonstration (70k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 16 – Soup Kitchen Service (69k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 17 – Quality Chapter Award (72k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 18 – Conference Call (65k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 19 – Family Chapter Picnic (60k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 20 – Miniature Golf Tournament (57k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 21 – Room at the Inn (53k)
Quality Chapter Meeting 22 – On the Road to a Ceremony Team (60k)

Volunteering and Fellowship Opportunities

Fellow Arrowmen,

Please help spread the word regarding upcoming events. Together as Arrowmen in the Tatanka Lodge, we can help insure the success of our Council level events.  There are several opportunities in the near future for volunteering and for fellowship.  Details on all of these events can either be found on our Council Website ( or on our Lodge Website (

Lodge Banquet & Training

First and foremost is the Lodge Training and Banquet in December.  This special occasion is open to all past and current members of the OA and their guests. It is looking like this might be our best fellowship yet. Registration is scheduled to start at 5:30, with the dinner following at 6:00 pm.  The banquet will be located at Odessa Regional Medical Center Auditorium, on the south side of the hospital. The entrance can be found on the east side at the south east corner.  Parking is to the south of the building. Additional details at:

Fall Festival

The council is introducing a new activity for this year – the Fall Festival, complete with a hunted hay ride!  Come help the Haunted staff scare the Cub Scouts on the Haunted Hayrides. In addition to the ride, we will be looking for assistance with the activities on Saturday afternoon.  We are planning to have stations for games, crafts, pumpkin carving, and shooting sports, etc.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mark Richardson (432) 570-7601.

Council Pushmobile

Council Pushmobile is right around the corner – November 12th at 9:30 AM.  Once again, we will be looking for Arrowmen to assist with supervising and directing lane traffic during the races. This year will be at the Mid-Cities Church at 8700 TX-191, Midland, TX .  Feel free to bring your BBQ grills, yard chairs, and shade.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Andrea Oyler (432) 816-7443.

Winter Camp

We are offering an amazing selection of merit badges this year at Winter Camp.  With over 35+ classes (9 of them being Eagle Required) we are going to need more help than last year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mark Richardson (432) 570-7601.  Visit our website for details:

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mark Richardson and Robert Orona or any of our lodge Chief/Vice-Chiefs and Advisors.


Zackary Mullins
District Executive
Buffalo Trail Council, Lone Star District
P 432.212.3577 | F 432.570.7611