Who: All Boy Scouts, parents, adults, and leaders
What: Camp Service/Ordeal Work Weekend
When: August 11-13, 2017 (Arrival: 6:00 PM)
Where: Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch
Why: Prepare BTSR for this year’s Winter Camp
Cost: $30 for workers and volunteers
$65 for Ordeal Candidates
$50 for Brotherhood Candidates

Registration Deadline – August 1st. There will be a $10 late fee if paid after the deadline and/or at camp.

Tatanka Lodge Assemblies take place at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch, in Fort Davis, and comprise the induction process for new members into the Order of the Arrow. Commonly known as The Ordeal, candidates will meet a series of challenges that will foster self-reflection and test their commitment to a life of cheerful service. For existing members, Assembly Weekend offers a chance to build friendships and serve Scouting in meaningful ways.

For new candidates, please read through your Candidate Letter as it contains important information for the weekend. Your first year’s dues are included with your registration fee. Existing members must have paid their dues to attend Assembly. You may pay your dues upon arrival if they haven’t already been paid. You must bring a non-returnable copy of your BSA health form (parts A & B only).

Candidate Letter.pdf

Brotherhood Study Guide (Password: The Admonition)